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 I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY ABROAD ...             


This site has been developed for all foreign ladies living in France and  who are new mums or pregnant. If you're French, you are also welcome, of course!


The aim of the "Pregnant in the Toulouse area" site is to provide as much as useful tips and information on the facilities available to pregnant ladies in this area. 
Indeed if you are looking for a clinic, a hospital, English doctors, an address of a crèche or a halte-garderie, click on the relevant topic and you will find a list available to you.
If you are British or American and would like to know how to register your baby, click on "formalities/paperwork".
If you need a translation on some medical terms, click on the "glossary" link.


Are you sure you're pregnant ? Do you want to calculate the estimated due date of your baby? 
What happens to you and to your baby during these nine months? Click on "you & your baby monthly evolution" to answer these and other questions.


In the "general topics" pages, you will find information about how to avoid serious illnesses  resulting from pregnancy, labor & delivery, compulsory prenatal examinations, placenta and other organs. A part is also dedicated to how to breastfeed or bottlefeed your baby.




 The "links" part is currently under construction. Soon you may find some links to other sites or addresses of useful shops of the Toulouse area.


Each month there will be an interview with an English speaking lady, who will talk about her pregnancy, the problems she has encountered, her worries and her joys of the fantastic pregnancy adventure.
If you want to share your pregnancy experience with others, feel free to send us an e-mail, and we will publish your story.



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